Patient Symptom/Problem Checklist (PS/PC-R)


The PS/PC was designed for medical patients, including individuals with persistent pain. Patients must be able to read and understand English at the 7th to 8th grade reading level. Patients also need to be congitively intact, capable of making simple pencil marks, unless the test is read to them, and have sufficient stamina and concentration.


The Patient Symptom/Problem Checklist (PS/PC) was developed to assess symptoms of generalized mood disturbance in medical patients, including individuals with persistent pain.

Level II Requirements

The PS/PC is a 53 item self-report questionnaire. The first thirty-three likert-type items measure various symptoms of negative mood such as sadness, irritability, and tension. Each item uses a 0 to 7 level of agreement format.

The PS/PC contains four subscales:

The remaining twenty items are a checklist of various problems requiring a yes/no response such as loneliness, alcohol/drug use, and marital.

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Sample Report